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Entrepreneurship and growth

Growth is change. If organizations and cultures often resist change, this can impact the prospects for corporate growth initiatives. A recent BCG paper on "Organizing for Growth" examines this dilemma from the perspective of leadership and makes recommendations to improve the odds of success.

We enjoyed the authors' attention to the roles internal entrepreneurship and culture play in generating growth. New growth can require leaders with a different style--leaders who are more adaptive and agile--to the ones running the core business. Yet it is not enough to parachute new entrepreneur into a system that might impede their progress.

Culture is not an afterthought, and it is not easily changed. The BCG recommendations include meshing new approaches into existing practices, paying particular attention to organizational design in the process. Easier said than done? The authors' agree that it's hard work, but worth the effort. What do you think?

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-- Bruno Roche



The case for encouraging entrepreneurship in family businesses

If a business is committed to creating value, it must invest in new lines of business and cultivate broader expertise inside and outside the company, according to a Harvard Business School Working Knowledge paper by professor John A. Davis.

From perspective of the business, today's environment rewards agility: as certain lines of business wane, companies must be able to identify new opportunities (inside and outside of their current sectors) and pursue them in experimental, cost-effective ways.

Families that want to stay in business for another generation don't have a choice except to encourage entrepreneurship in and out of their company."

However, Davis argues that entrepreneurship is even more important for the family. Entrepreneurial families are more successful over many generations than others because they diversify their business interests, invest in future capabilities, and encourage family cohesiveness.

-- Bruno Roche


Opportunity and inclusion: "Mobile Is Eating The World"

Inclusion is important to us; in order to achieve mutuality across all facets of business, people at the Middle of the Diamond need to have the means an opportunity to participate in the economy.

Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz gives his thoughts on how mobile computing, in all its myriad current and future forms, is increasing opportunity for everyone in a presentation called "Mobile Is Eating The World." His observations are relevant for how we think about using mobile to gather data or send information and communicate. The reach of mobile is especially important among our entrepreneurs at the Middle of the Diamond, and I encourage you to give this a look.

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--Clara Shen


Small & growing businesses are engines of prosperity: ANDE

The 4th annual Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Impact Report looks at the role of small & growing businesses as engines of prosperity, and once again we like the group's focus on promoting business ownership as a way to create long-term sustainable economic development.

An overview of the role small and growing businesses play in economic growth is below, and the full report is available on our site, here.

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