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Behavioral economics for consumer insights, digital currencies, and corporate culture in job transitions: Catalyst weekly briefing

Each week we are scanning the horizon for interesting content on topics we like that we will post for your reading pleasure. These may be items that we agree with, or not, on issues that touch in some way on what we are working on in our labs. We hope you enjoy them, and that they provoke discussion and additional thought.

The full briefing, with abstracts and links to original sources, is available here.



  • Digital currencies will be the disruptive innovation of 2015: Walter Isaacson

  • Collaboration needed between Western volunteers and those they are helping abroad

  • Farmland assets offer incentives for investors willing to overcome barriers


  • Executive Coach Ed Batista provides guidance on transitioning to more senior roles

  • Creative, fun employee manuals used to reach into culture at EF China


  • How behavioral economics can give consumer insight

  • Retail loyalty programs dependent on store quality

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